From the Program Chair

ONE logo PRAISE multi-color flat NO WORDSBrothers and Sisters in Christ:

The 21st World Methodist Conference will meet in Houston, TX, on August 31-September 3, 2016.
As chair of the program committee, I am writing to extend our heartfelt invitation for you to join us. Our team has worked for months to design an event that motivates conference participants to change the world, and we believe that your presence will be a key to our success.

As you can see in the logo, the theme for the conference is “One.” Organized around four subthemes – One God, One Faith, One People, One Mission – the program will invite participants into a conversation about the distinction between unity and uniformity in the Wesleyan tradition. We want participants to leave Houston knowing what has united the Wesleyan people historically and what God is calling us toward in the future. The conference will begin with an evening celebration of the triune God and conclude with another evening celebration three days later that sends us out into the world as a diverse body of Christ followers.

In preparation for the conference, you will want to take note of the information included on this website. As an entrée into our global conversation, for instance, please review the theological guidelines posted here. They will serve as the primary point of reference for all presenters and participants in the conference. And please check this website periodically. It will host all pertinent information for the conference and will be updated as the event approaches.

We are hard at work in preparation for what looks to be an historic event, and we covet your prayers. The grace of God abounds. Please plan to join the celebration!


Sarah Wilke

Publisher, The Upper Room
Chair, WMC Program Committee