About the Conference

What is the World Methodist Conference?

The World Methodist Conference is a global gathering of the Methodist-Wesleyan family held every five years in a different part of the world. The 22nd World Methodist Conference will be held in Sweden in 2021.


  • WMC Issues Request for Proposals

    The World Methodist Council invites you to submit a proposal for event management services, as per the below-linked Scope of

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  • World Methodist Peace Award

    The World Methodist Peace Award was established in 1976 at the WMC in Dublin, Ireland. This year, the recipient is

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  • Saturday Plenary

    International Methodist Young Leaders Seminar reported a simple message: Empower youth to bring a new generation in the world and

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  • Closing Worship

    The final service continued the practice of creating powerful worship experiences by blending ritual and music beautifully. Three leaders of

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  • Bible Study Saturday AM

    Rev. Dr. Yani Yoo led this last session of Bible Study on Saturday morning. Dr. Yoo described her excitement of

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  • Saturday Morning Worship

    Rev. Dr. Joanne Cox-Darling led Saturday morning worship. She is a Presbyter in the British Methodist Conference. Her scripture was

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  • Look Beneath the Surface

    In every community, in every town and nation, there’s a secret. It’s not often talked about or acknowledged, but it’s

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  • Workshop: Global Migration

    A thought-provoking discussion on global migration challenged workshop attendees to see immigrants as a blessing and not a burden. The

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  • One People

    Mrs. Zipporah Onah Chiamaka, Nigeria I was most impressed with the organization of the program.  The Spirit of God is felt.

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  • What Does Your Love Look Like?

    Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church started the second full day of the WMC

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