World Methodist Peace Award

IMG_4611otherb800The World Methodist Peace Award was established in 1976 at the WMC in Dublin, Ireland. This year, the recipient is Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon. Dr. Lyon is the general superintendent of the Wesleyan Church. Besides leading the Wesleyan Church, Dr. Lyon is the founder of World Hope International, a relief and development organization that seeks to alleviate suffering and injustice in 30 countries.

The criteria for determining who should receive the World Methodist Peace Award are: Courage, Creativity, and Consistency.

With regard to COURAGE, this may relate to either the facing of physical danger, or putting one’s personal interests at risk. This would include disruption to one’s personal and family life, and the possibility of misunderstandings and even rejection by the groups and organizations with which one ordinarily would desire to have association or fellowship.

CREATIVITY includes consideration whether or not activities open up new initiatives and new grounds for negotiations and progress, also whether the potential recipient attracts others to join in working for the cause of peace, and builds up an increasing body of committed opinion in favor of and working for the cause of peace.

CONSISTENCY is judged by whether the effort is sustained over a period of continuing intensity despite disappointments, frustrations and setbacks.

The recipient receives the sliver/gold gilt medallion, a citation and US$1,000 that is only symbolic of the larger recognition of what the person has done.