Donsö harbour

Official Tours/Cruise

Want to make your 22nd World Methodist Conference experience even more amazing? Visit the many Wonders of Sweden, Norway, and the Baltics in one of our five pre-/post-tours and make the most of your Scandinavian adventure.

Secure your reservation today as space is limited and each departure will have no more than 45 persons!

Pre-Conference Tours

Post-Conference Tours/Cruise

Click on the individual tour/cruise links above to view detailed itineraries, or visit the main 22nd WMC Pre- & Post-Conference Tours & Cruise website.

These exclusive travel offerings are comparable to those provided for previous World Methodist Conferences (i.e. Seoul, Brighton, Rio de Janeiro), and benefit the World Methodist Council. Travelink has been engaged by the World Methodist Council to offer these tours and cruise.

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Photos from Gothenburg