Schedule 2022

This is a preliminary schedule for the 22nd World Methodist Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, 10-14 August 2022.

Tue August 09Council meetingBetlehemskyrkan
Wed August 10Registration day (Open 12 – 21)Congress Hall
Council meetingBetlehemskyrkan
Opening / Evening ServiceCongress Hall
Thu August 11MIGRATIONCongress Hall
Fri August 12PILGRIMAGECongress Hall
Sun August 14Council meetingBetlehemskyrkan
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On The Move

Sweden ”On The Move” is an occasion that deepens faith, bonds together, cre-ates energy for growth and discerns future contours of ministry, service and leadership among the world family of Methodist peoples, churches and conferences. Our main themes are migration, pilgrimage and illumination/guiding lights. The rich and exciting programme will revolve around these themes.


Moving Stories. Travelling and being received. Hospitality. Rising nationalism. The enrichment or degrading of host societies? Borders. And the role of Churches – and particularly WMC family churches and conferences.


The richness of journeying. Discovery. Time for reflection. transformation of self through walking with others – and alone. Identifying ‘waymarks’ that guide us and mark our progress, and the spiritual traditions and practices that help us on our way, all shared with each other.

Illumination / Guiding lights

In a region of the world associated with the Northern Lights what illumination can we learn from each other for such a time as this, what ‘lights our way’ in an often gloomy cultural climate? How are we best ‘salt and light’? What apt and contextually transferable ways of being, mission, service, witness, presence, evangelism are among us?