Saturday Morning Worship

800IMG_4726Rev. Dr. Joanne Cox-Darling led Saturday morning worship. She is a Presbyter in the British Methodist Conference. Her scripture was Isaiah: 61. She began by expressing her homesickness for her husband and child back in London. She related the story to God’s people in exile and the longing for home and “the way things used to be.”

She reminded the audience that exile could be a place of great creativity and surprise when things aren’t like they used to be.  We must redefine our reality and recognize God in our midst now reinvigorating a movement that may have lost its way.

She shared a video of ping-pong balls and mousetraps to illustrate a chain reaction when one action can set off an explosion of activity and uncontrollable chaos.  The Spirit of God is redemptive, creative and chaotic.

Dr. Cox-Darling suggested that some of us will view that chaos as breath taking and exciting and some may see it as overwhelming and exhausting. It’s the nature of our humanity that we are not always primed to respond to the Spirit’s call to chaos. We are exhausted and some view that as a merit or worthiness.

IMG_4211600“Doing for” because we know best what a community needs isn’t mission. Mission happens when we work with someone and share his or her struggle and walk with Jesus together. Often using our own brokenness to open the door for God to heal others. There are many examples of former addicts, sufferers of ADHD, helpers who have experience that God can use to help others.

She expressed confidence that the Spirit of God was working in the room and around the world and we must choose to remain primed to fulfill God’s calling.

“God is not finished with us Wesleyans yet,” she assured.

She left the audience with a question: “How is God calling you to fulfill your potential for His work today?”