Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Why should I attend the conference?

For many reasons – and a combination of reasons. These include (but are not limited to): the opportunity to be in community with a global representation of Methodism; the desire to join a worldwide celebration of Methodism at work in the world; love of the church and concern for its future; the opportunity to network, learn, and be energized and inspired by a diversity of talents and cultures; the opportunity to hear high-profile speakers; the opportunity to be a part of setting the course for the World Methodist Council and its membership for the next five years.

How will people learn about the event?

Most information about the event will be included on this website.

Marketing for the event will also include:

  • Promotional videos on YouTube
  • Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Tagboard)
  • Online advertising
  • Direct mail and email
  • Shareable downloads (for church bulletins and newsletters)
  • News releases

Points of contact with potential-participant populations include local churches, annual conferences, the 2020 UMC General Conference, and other church organizational gatherings. The marketing strategy also includes establishing partnerships with media that share interests (e.g. Member Church communication offices, the United Methodist News Service, the Religion News Service).

Hotel & Accommodations

Where will the 2022 Conference and Pre-Events be held?

Negotiations are currently underway to secure a venue for the 22nd World Methodist Conference in late August 2022. The Uniting Church in Sweden, along with cooperation from the Northern Europe and Eurasia Conference of The United Methodist Church, has issued an invitation to host the conference. More details will be posted as they are confirmed.

About the Event Organizers

What is the purpose of the World Methodist Council?

The World Methodist Council engages, empowers, and serves member churches by encouraging Methodist unity in witness, facilitating mission in the world, and fostering ecumenical and inter-religious activities. It promotes obedience to Christ’s Great Commandment to love God and neighbor, and it is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples through vibrant evangelism, a prophetic voice, cooperative programs, faithful worship, and mutual learning.