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The World Methodist Conference 2024

The World Methodist Conference is a global gathering of the Methodist-Wesleyan family held every five years in a different part of the world. The 22nd World Methodist Conference will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden 13-18 Aug, 2024.


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Gothia Towers, Gothenburg

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Preliminary schedule for the 22nd World Methodist Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Channel at Queens square, Gothenburg


Conference choir, Late Night program and how to explore the experiences beyond the conference venue with an exceptional combination of city life, culture and nature.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the conference and visiting Sweden.
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Lasse Svensson

Dear Friends

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 22nd World Methodist Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. Uniting Church in Sweden with the support from The United Methodist Church in Norway and Denmark is the host for this important conference.

There are so many reasons why you should come to this conference so naming them all would fill up this whole folder. The country of Midsummer and fika (read on, we’ll explain) is just too big and diverse to limit the place to easy symbols. So make sure you get an extra day or two before or after the conference to explore this beautiful country. The ”fika” is fundamental to Swedish culture. As a verb or noun, it loosely means ”coffee break” or ”pause” and if you enjoy sharing coffee and pastries with friends or family, you’ll revel in the many opportunities to ”fika.” A good fika cafe is always close at hand in Sweden. We look forward to give you a taste of the ministry in the vibrant uniting churches in the Gothenburg area and beyond. And as we gather at this 22nd World Methodist Conference, I trust that it will afford us an opportunity to learn more about the work and witness of The World Methodist Council, made up of more than 80 different churches and affiliated bodies comprising of more than 82 million people in 132 countries.

Your partner in mission and ministry,
Lasse Svensson
President, Uniting Church in Sweden