Social Media Ambassadors


The Social Media Ambassadors will help to spread the word and tell true stories of the World Methodist Conference experience to the World Methodist community.

Social Media Ambassadors are attendees registered for the 21st World Methodist Conference (or who are planning to attend) who are connected leaders in their community and are passionate about social media.


  • Mention the hashtag #onewmc2016 once in each social media platform, once per week;
  • Promote the 21st World Methodist Conference online and in their circles;
  • Create a blog schedule and write about different topics related to the conference (we’ll give you suggestions!)
  • Come to the event and share your experience!


  • A $25 discount on registration (that’s dinner..or a lot of coffee!)
  • A free T-shirt
  • Connect with our speakers & leaders
  • Memories to last a lifetime!


  • Be registered for the Conference (or are planning to register)
  • Fill out the form below [no longer active]