One People

IMG_0198-(1)Mrs. Zipporah Onah Chiamaka, Nigeria

I was most impressed with the organization of the program.  The Spirit of God is felt.

I would like to come to the next WMC in Sweden, God being my helper!







IMG_0199Rev. Olugbenga Fafeyiwa, Nigeria

I felt the arrangement of the conference was so superb.  The speakers in all the programs did very well.  The atmosphere was conducive.

By the grace of God, I want to come to the next one






IMG_0201Hikari Chang, New York – Missionary to Japan

I most appreciated seeing all the diversity of the Wesleyan sisters and brothers.  One family with so many different gifts.  I would love to come again.







IMG_0202Felippe Regis De Oliveira, Brazil

The best pat for me is the opportunity to know the diversity of the church and how big it is in the world. I want to come again.







IMG_5417Bishop Catherine Mutua,  Kenya

Bishop William Mwonga,  Uganda

Bishop Alice Mwila, Kenya

They unanimously agreed that the World Methodist Conference has been very informative, educational, and spiritual!






graceweb500Grace Imathiu, Kenya originally, currently in Naperville, Illinois

This is my 5th WMC and 3rd Assembly and I am loving it. The Wednesday night presentation changed everything for me. I am in awe of the expanse and magnificence of God.







FullSizeRender (1)Lesieli Pope, New Zealand

I came to see God’s power in creating the world…as we experience another continent. The conference is interesting. It’s amazing. It’s encouraging. I am excited to see that we continue to spread the good news.






bishopchibuzoBishop Opoko Chibuzo, Nigeria

I came because primarily I’m a delegate for the Methodist Church in Nigeria.

I’m also a member of the nominations committee and was recently elected as chair of social and international affairs.  I’m a Methodist. I’m a son of Wesley.

This is a place you connect people. Have fresh expressions of our faith. Share Ideas. Share common challenges so we can effectively minister the gospel with people not just within the 4 walls of the church, but also in the margins of society.



bruggemanKimberly Parker Bruggeman, Elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church (U.S.)

I just finished the clergywomen’s collective and I wanted to stay and learn more about the global church.  My home church doesn’t have a lot of connection to the global church so I wanted to bring back some connections for them. It gives me hope and energy to see the bigger picture.  Sometimes we see the little bit we’re doing and we think we’re never going to make a difference but we will because it’s not just us in our little place. It is everyone working together.




amyparkerAmy Valdez Parker, Chicago

I was a councilmember as the youth chair many years ago. I’m coming back to speak at the event I started back in 2001.

This conference is really a great time of fellowship and bringing people together from all over the world. I come for the opportunity to learn from my Methodist brothers and sisters.




offiongBishop Eden Offiong, Akwaibom, Methodist Church Nigeria

I brought almost 100 colleagues to celebrate the unity of the Methodist Church, to learn from the many speakers and to grow spiritually during this conference.






urmilaprasadUrmila Prasad, Fiji

I’m a pastor and I’m attending the World Assembly while wearing a “why wear black on Thursdays t-shirt” to participate in a form of peaceful protest against rape and violence – especially taking place during wars and conflicts. The campaign focuses on ways through which individuals may challenge attitudes that cause rape and violence. “Thursdays in Black” is a global expression of the desire for safe communities where we can all walk safely without fear of being raped, shot at, beaten up, verbally abused and discriminated against due to one’s gender or sexual orientation.




Mario Martinez, Originally From El Salvador, Currently in Tennessee at Martin Methodist College

I hope to meet a lot of new people and to learn the different ways they view ministry and how they engage in ministry and see their perspective. So far I’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve been really affirming in everything that I’ve done.



finda400Finda Quiwa, Central Africa, regional missionary of the UMW.

“When women gather they have good ideas to share and to learn form each other.

I hope to gain ideas that bring positive changes in my continent and country. What I am learning will be of great importance to young people in Africa.”





Helen Ma, Hong Kong, President of the Hong Kong Women’s Association

“I am happy to be here to represent the 600 members of my Association.

I want to meet sisters from other countries and to learn more through plenary sessions and workshops.”




zothan400Bishop Zothan Mawia, Methodist Church (Lower Mayanmar)

“I look forward to the things God has been doing in the Methodist Church all over the world. I hope to take home the challenges and relationships with one another for the extensions of God’s kingdom. I want the Methodist church to become more vibrant with the spirit of the Wesleyans.”






Rev. Eteuati Tuioti, Samoa Methodist Church

I’ve been part of the theological education dialogue for years and I’m interested in Methodist subjects of all kinds, especially university, teaching and carrying that forward from generation to generation. It’s about fellowship. It’s about learning. You learn every day. You listen, you see, you meet, you exchange ideas, we are here to learn from others, as well as share your own perspective. How we interpret Christianity and teachings in our own respective culture.





Tinuwola Bademosi, Nigeria

I’m a Methodist and a lay preacher in my church in Nigeria. It’s wonderful to meet so many people – and learn from them and they can learn from us. In Nigeria, we have lots of youth, so we’re trying to learn what to do to bring them in. We’re looking for ways to improve and bring our ideas together.