Welcome to the conference in Gothenburg! While you’re here for the conference, don’t forget to explore the delightful experiences that await you beyond the conference venue. We’ll be continuously updating this page with more activities as they are finalized, so stay tuned for even more exciting options to make the most of your time in Gothenburg.

Between meetings

  • Gastronomic brilliance
    This gourmet’s dream offer innovative cuisine using local produce. Specially fish and shellfish is our claim to fame. Cuisine from all over the world is offered at reasonable prices at firstclass, gourmet, trendy or traditional restaurants. Six restaurants are awarded with a Guide Michelin star.
  • Attractions
    Gothenburg and West Sweden offers an exceptional combination of city life, culture and nature. Historical and contemporary attractions and activities are mixed with a wide repertoire of entertaining shows, sports, cultural events, shopping, fairs and exhibitions.
    A number of prominent cultural institutions are found on five minutes walking distance. View the unique collection of Nordic art at the Museum of Art or enjoy Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra at the Concert Hall.
  • Relax
    In less than half an hour you’ll be on a boat taking you to the picturesque islands of the archipelago.The many islands stretch along the coast like a string of pearls. The many city-centred parks, as well as forests and lakes are only a stone’s throw away.

Travelling within Gothenburg Area

In Gothenburg you need to have a valid ticket while travelling by tram or bus within the city. You can only pay for your ticket by debit/credit card or by purchasing your ticket in the Västtrafik To Go App before you enter the vehicle. No cash can be used.

You will find more and useful information on the Vasttrafik (Västtrafik) website: >

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Photos from Gothenburg